Zen and the Art of Tea by way of D.T. Suzuki (.M4B)

Zen and the Art of Tea by way of D.T. Suzuki
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Overview: Who knew the trail to enlightenment may just get started with a cup of tea? Learn the hidden importance in the back of the deceptively easy Zen tea rite – one which will lead immediately to Buddhahood and its absolute reality. D.T. Suzuki, as soon as Japan’s main authority on Zen Buddhism, describes the tearoom and the tea rite and explains the guiding rules of solidarity, reverence, purity, and calmness. Explore with him the very important ideas of wabi and sabi, which result in the subjective and function appreciation of poverty and imperfection that are so essential to setting up a Zen mindset. Zen and the Art of Tea is a part of a chain of methods taken from Suzuki’s Zen and Japanese Culture.
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