Zen Master Yunmen: His Life and Essential Sayings

Zen Master Yunmen: His Life and Essential Sayings Publisher: Shambhala
Date: 2018-07-03
ISBN-10: 1611805597
ISBN-13: 9781611805598
Language: English
Pages: 320
Added: 2018-07-03 09:26:12
A modern Zen classic–reissued with new material: An introduction to the great tenth-century Chinese master, with translations of his key works. Yunmen Wenyan (c. 864-949) was a master of the Chinese Zen (Chan) tradition and one of the most influential teachers in its history, showing up in many famous koans-in one of which he’s credited with the famous line, “Every day is a good day.” His teachings are said to permeate heaven and earth, to address immediately and totally the state and conditions of his audience, and to cut off even the slightest trace of duality. In this classic study of Master Yunmen, historian and Buddhist scholar Urs App clearly elucidates the encompassing and penetrating nature of Yunmen’s teachings, provides pioneering translations of his numerous talks and dialogues, and includes a brief history of Chinese Zen, a biography of the master, and a wealth of resource materials. Show more Show less ef4622cc3f5b49dbdad4897efb2a019dhttp://tezfiles.com/file/22b1eacd5585b Size: (6.60 MB) File name: Zen.Master.Yunmen.Urs.App.epub File size: 6.60 MB