Zhuangzi and the Becoming of Nothingness (SUNY Series in Chinese…

Zhuangzi and the Becoming of Nothingness (SUNY Series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture)
Publisher: State Univ of New York Pr
Date: 2019-01-31
ISBN-10: 1438472676
ISBN-13: 9781438472676
Language: English
Pages: 216
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Zhuangzi and the Becoming of Nothingness offers a radical rereading of the Daoist classic Zhuangzi by bringing to light the role of nothingness in grounding the cosmological and metaphysical aspects of its thought. Through a careful analysis of the text and its appended commentaries, David Chai reveals not only how nothingness physically enriches the myriad things of the world, but also why the Zhuangzi prefers nothingness over being as a means to expound the authentic way of Dao. Chai weaves together Dao, nothingness, and being in order to reassess the nature and significance of Daoist philosophy, both within its own historical milieu and for modern readers interested in applying the principles of Daoism to their own lived experiences. Chai concludes that nothingness is neither a nihilistic force nor an existential threat; instead, it is a vital component of Dao’s creative power and the life-praxis of the sage. Show more Show less 85f374472f055035995902c6ca4c02dchttp://k2s.cc/file/75f27bdd3c647/Zhuangzi.and.the.Becoming.of.Nothingness.epubhttp://k2s.cc/file/d6cafac86ff17/Zhuangzi.and.the.Becoming.of.Nothingness.pdf Bad link