The Power of Unpopular: A Guide to Building Your Brand for the…

The Power of Unpopular: A Guide to Building Your Brand for the Audience Who Will Love You (and why no one else matters)
Publisher: Wiley
Date: 2012-03-27
ISBN-10: 1118134664
ISBN-13: 9781118134665
Language: English
Pages: 224
Added: 2018-01-04 22:22:15

Every successful brand in history is inherently unpopular with a specific demographic. Somewhere along the way, people felt they had to be popular in order to be successful, when in fact, the opposite is true. The brands playing in the space you want to dominate have already figured out the inherent power of being unpopular. In The Power of Unpopular, you’ll discover the difference between flash-in-the-pan brand tactics and those designed to place you miles above the competition.

  • Brand Personality: What’s yours? Explore the importance of taking a stand and why brands become road kill without a distinct personality.
  • Community: It’s the number one thing that unpopular brands have figured out-learn how to build yours.
  • Brand Advocacy: It knows no scale and your fans don’t care how big you are. A guide for businesses on the proper care and feeding of their biggest asset.

Erika Napoletano’s irreverent yet never insincere tone takes readers on a colloquial and actionable journey, producing concepts that readers can immediately graft onto their existing business strategies. Complete with case studies of businesses from across the country, this is the book that couples theory with practice, creating pathways for business owners of any size and age. Change the way you do business and live your life-become unpopular.
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